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Just Another You

We clearly understand your concern about the personal data protection. Hence JAY is your new personal digital avatar.

An alternative and secured digital identity. 

#JAY. Just Another You.

We designed ME. platform. in order to make it as interactive and modular as possible, in order to break down as many barriers as possible, thanks to a successful technological integration, opening up to limitless possibilities. The central key to this system is you ...

Or rather, your digital you, JAY.

An avatar secured by your biometric data which responds to your finger and eye to connect to your online services or carry out a transaction from the platform, in complete transparency.

JAY, a unique, personal key that acts as both Know Your Customer (KYC)* and Single Sign On (SSO)** for all the services integrated into the platform. The digital revolution is already underway ...


(*) KYC: user identity verification procedure, in accordance with legal requirements and regulations in force

(**) SSO: method allowing a user to access several computer applications by performing only one single authentication

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