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What About ME. ?

What is that ? ME. is a response to the challenge of economic development of the most fragile and vulnerable population in Africa through the implementation of the continent’s digital transformation. To be at the side of low-income Workers, Students, Youth and, in particular, with Women Entrepreneur, one of the economic engines of different African societies. Entrepreneurs by nature. The youngest population in the world, suffering from unbanking at more than 70%, without global access to connectivity and this, despite an installed mobile park in constant progression. We have to face multiple challenges, giving a way of daily life, based on the informal, with flows of financial transactions mainly carried out in cash, without possibility of opening up to real micro-credit, for example. We need to raise the issues of authentication of Beneficiaries or KYC (Know Your Customer) in order to build a bridge between regulations and lifestyles in place, to offer a real access to banking solutions, the key to inclusion. 1. STRUCTURING THE EXISTING INFORMAL ECONOMY THROUGH THE USE OF DIGITAL 2. PROVIDE TOOLS & SERVICES FOR PRODUCTIVITY IMPROVEMENT 3. BRINGING 1 BILLION AFRICANS INTO THE DIGITAL TRANSITION Our Ambition ? Open and multiply the possibilities offered to the largest number, to access the tools of inclusive growth, thanks to the development of a powerful smartphone embedding an aggregator of services, offering the most advanced functionalities, in an improved and extremely simple way, thanks to a 3-click access, designed for Africa and developed with Africa. We are an innovation startup, in the New Technologies sector (ICT), registered in Paris region, which focuses its commercial deployment in Africa. With a team of experts from the business sector of Telecoms and applications, gathered around the project since its conception, we have developed a new digital vehicle, revolutionary in its resolutely user-centric approach, in order to realize the promise of digital transformation for all, in Africa. We are game changers.

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Christian MASSOJI

CEO & Founder

I was born in Lubumbashi, the  heart of the copper belt, among the great African Rift, in the Democratic Republic of Congo,  just over 50 years ago.

After a very rich career of nearly 20 years, spent in internationally renowned groups, ERICSSON, then SONY, I decided to take the turn of Entrepreneurship.

Graduated with a Master’s degree in Management from ESCP Europe, I founded ME. MOBILE ECOSYSTEMS in March 2021. with the desire to develop a unique and innovative digital solution, in order to provide concrete and adapted responses to the most vulnerable populations.

I am convinced that the future of Africa will be built in a new collaborative vision, based on the availability of adapted digital tools, opening up infinite perspectives to this continent rich in youth in the making.

What About ME. ? Just Another You

The first digital solution for economic, social and cultural inclusion in Africa.



Our Targets.  Our offer is intended to meet the needs of 1 billion Africans, on the margins of economic and digital development.

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& Millennials

65% of Africa’s total population is under the age of 25, making it the youngest continent on the planet.

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A category working mainly in the informal sector with huge economic stakes around credit. Our commitment will also be made to the promotion of Women’s Entrepreneurship, culturally anchored in African societies.

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Low-Income  Workers
& Civil Servants

With an average salary income of 100 USD per month. open up access to inclusion for as many people as possible, to offer new opportunities for growth.

Access in 3 clicks.  Make the use of the smartphone as intuitive as possible, in order to be able to offer development for all, without constraints.
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Service Platform. Enhance  a seamless access to all your services, on a daily basis, such as online banking and microfinance, health, education and entrepreneurship tools, with ease. A scalable and fully customizable  platform. In your image.

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Our Goal ?. 

Build a resilient Africa, open to the next major challenges of digital transformation, for the most, with a focus on putting into practice the Sustainable Development Goals, promoted by our Partners.

An extended vision of a hybrid solution between the public and private sectors, key to the success of inclusion policies.

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JAY, your Digital ID. We have conceived a secure approach to your avatar through the integration of proven technologies, in partnership with major global actors from CIAM (Customer Identification Access Management). With the exclusive control of Personal Data kept by Beneficiaries as mandatory.

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KYC & SSO. Through this unique identity, created during your first connection to the platform, we offer you a comfort of use, via a transparent navigation (SSO), on all the Partners integrated into the platform.

The promise of a seamless end-to-end experience .

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NFC, Contactless Payment.

The digital revolution in Africa will involve the use and generalization of contactless payment.

Why?  The transition from uses and lifestyles based on the informal to more formal mode will require the digitization of transactions, the limitation of cash flows, or even the limitation of physical interactions in bank agencies, to effectively meet   the growing and exponential demand for access to inclusive financial solutions.


A simpler world or even the smallest transactions in value make sense, because it is a daily reality that these population is facing. 

This new world is yours, the answer to your daily needs that comes to life in ME.


In partnership with KOBO, best  Fintech incubator 2021 in Central Africa, we built ME. Money, your e-wallet paving the way  for inter-operability between Online Banking services and Mobile Money, for seamless use.



To ensure a access digital for all, ME. MOBILE ECOSYSTEMS will be available via revolutionary leasing offers, custom-built to fit the economic reality of the target audience without concession on the device quality and the performance, thanks to your new Digital ID, JAY. 

Your passport towards better future which opens you the doors of inclusion.

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To ensure a access digital for all, ME. MOBILE ECOSYSTEMS will be available via revolutionary leasing offers, custom-built to fit the economic reality of the target audience without concession on the device quality and the performance, thanks to your new Digital ID, JAY. 

Your passport towards better future which opens you the doors of inclusion.


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